CMMA Regionalization Conversations

Central Maine Media Alliance (CMMA) is working with municipalities and stations in Central Maine to create a high performance media presence in our region. 

The majority of the municipalities in Central Maine often choose to simply not have a PEG access station to serve their towns because of both fiscal and human resources obstacles. Of the municipalities who do operate stations in our region, each struggle within the constraints of an ever-tightening budget, resulting in station managers taking on overwhelming amounts of duties just to keep their stations afloat. Short on staff, volunteers and funding resources, programming quantity and quality can suffer.  

By pooling resources and using industry best-practices, CMMA’s regionalization strategy solves these concerns, strengthening existing media presence in municipalities, as well as makes possible for towns currently without PEG stations to collaborate with ones who do.  To that end, CMMA is developing vibrant community media hubs within the communities it partners with, beginning with our founding station, Mt Blue TV in Farmington, who has expanded its service area to now include 5 municipalities, operating on both Bee Line and Spectrum cable channels. 

Should you be curious about the benefits CMMA has to offer your municipality or station, would like us to present at your council, selectmen or board meetings, and/or would like to join our Zoom conversations about regionalization, contact CMMA Director of Development, “Twinkle” Marie Manning at