a station speaks up about the FCC threats to municipalities and PEG media

The implications of what is rapidly taking place at both the national and state levels requires urgent attention. The threats are not only to PEG Stations, but also to municipalities regulatory control of municipal rights of ways.

Here is a link to a brief 2-minute interview and article with a PEG station in a nearby state. https://www.mynbc5.com/article/new-fcc-rule-could-cut-funding-for-public-television-stations/25400372   

Alert: Why Maine Municipalities need to protect PEG Stations and their own Rights of Ways!

This video reveals details about Spectrum tactics that are negatively impacting not only cable subscribers but also manipulating Municipalities out of billions of dollars:


Out In Left Field – Tony Vigue – Corporate Cable Coup from SPC-TV on Vimeo.


How can you help?  There are several ways residents can get involved!  First, visit your local access station to learn more about how they serve the community.  Second, reach out to your Senator & House Rep.  ask if they know about the PEG Non-Discrimination Bill.  If they do not, please tell them what you know and that they can get more information from the bill Sponsor, Senator David Woodsome at David.Woodsome@legislature.maine.gov.  Or, if they want to speak with someone from the Community Television Association of Maine, and one of the original drafters of this bill, they can contact Tony Vigue at tvigue1@gmail.com.

Important Interview about anti-discrimination Legislation

Important Interview with Senator Woodsome and Tony Vigue!!! For more than 30 years your community television stations have been on the lower numbered channels (typically 1-20) Spectrum/Charter is taking your channel and slamming it up to the 1300s. Find out about Legislation that is going forth to prevent this unethical corporate bullying.

Saco River Chronicles: Tony Vigue & State Senator David Woodsome from srctv on Vimeo.

CTAM Meeting in South Portland

All Station Managers, Producers, Town Managers and Elected Officials are invited to attend this important event at the South Portland Community Television station. CTAM will address Maine’s non-discrimination bill to protect residents and municipalities. Also, presenters will shed light on the national legislation to further deregulate the cable industry which threatens traditional municipal regulatory control of your town’s communication networks and could put an end to franchise fees.

CTAM at MMA Convention

The Community Television Association of Maine (CTAM) will be presenting a workshop at the Maine Municipal Association (MMA) Autumn Convention at the Augusta Civic Center on October 3rd, 10:45am-12:00pm. The expert panel is comprised Tony Vigue, former president of CTAM; Michael Edgecomb, cable franchise and broadband consultant with the James W. Sewall Company; and “Twinkle” Marie Manning, Director of Development of the Central Maine Media Alliance (CMMA). The presentation is designed answer questions about the function and future of community television and PEG Media. Panelists will guide municipal officials through The Cable Franchise Renewal Process, discuss Maine’s upcoming non-discrimination legislative bill and address the new Federal legislation that the FCC is pushing forth to further deregulate cable and threatens traditional municipal regulatory control of individual town’s communication networks.


IMPORTANT Non-Discrimination PSA

Our amazing colleagues (Moe, Cynthia and Nathan) at South Portland TV created this video for the Community Television Association of Maine about the upcoming Legislative Bill so that all Maine stations and media centers could share it with residents in their locales.  

PEG Non-Discrimination PSA with Music and Voice Over from SPC-TV on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for details about the Maine Municipal Association’s Autumn Convention as three CTAM members, including CMMA’s own Director of Development “Twinkle” Marie Manning will be making presentations on the Franchise Renewal Process as well as providing information about the Legislative Bill.

Welcome to Central Maine Media Alliance (CMMA)

We are hosting Public Forums throughout the Central Maine Region in communities interested in having access to the CMMA channel, and/or creating a media hub in their municipality or region.

April 11, 2018 – CMMA’s Sebasticook Valley Region Public Forum

Should you wish to host one in your city or town, please email: twinkle@centralmainemedia.org