New Our Town’s Series with Host Senator Lisa Keim

Above pictured: JP Fortier, Executive Director of CMMA; Shiloh LaFreniere, Town Manager of Jay; Senator Lisa Keim; “Twinkle” Marie Manning, Director of Development

Central Maine Media Alliance (CMMA) is pleased to introduce its newest cable television series, Our Towns, to the local lineup. Our Towns highlights the wonderful people, places and experiences to be found in Central Maine. Each of CMMA’s Member Municipalities has the opportunity to participate by having a weekly series dedicated to their town or region. The Towns of Jay and Livermore Falls have welcomed this opportunity and have enlisted the help of Senator Lisa Keim who is the host for the programs that feature their towns.

Senator Keim recorded her first four episodes in May at the Farmington-based Mt Blue TV studio. Her guests include: the Town Managers of Jay and Livermore Falls – Shiloh LaFreniere and Stephen Gould, Dan Lemieux and Spruce Mountain Robotics Team Students, and Chief Ernie Steward, Livermore Falls Police Department.

CMMA exists to support municipalities who wish to utilize community media to enhance economic development; to provide a powerful platform for towns, businesses, organizations and residents to share and exchange information that informs and educates; and to empower people to make media that matters. The new Our Towns series, along with many others, are emerging in communities served by CMMA throughout Central Maine.

Check local listings for programming details. For more information, visit: or email

Senator Lisa Keim interviewing Stephen Gould, Town Manager of Livermore Falls at CMMA’s Mt Blue TV Studio
Senator Lisa Keim interviewing Shiloh LaFreniere, Town Manager of Jay at CMMA’s Mt Blue TV Studio
Above pictured: Senator Lisa Keim interviewing Chief Ernie Steward, Livermore Falls Police Department at CMMA’s Mt Blue TV Studio
Senator Lisa Keim interviewing Dan Lemieux and Spruce Mountain Robotics Team Students at CMMA’s Mt Blue TV Studio

The Bill Passed

As of Wednesday afternoon, the Maine State House of Representatives and the Maine State Senate have both officially passed bill LD1371 without amendments, and it will soon be on the way to the Governor for her to sign into law.

Following that, Charter (Spectrum) will be required to put the Community Television Channels back where they were 24 months ago and transmit them in HD if an HD signal is provided to them by the PEG originator. In addition, they will need to cable down to 15 homes per mile on all new cable franchises and comply with the other provisions outlined in the bill.

If your town is in the process of renewing their franchise, it is important that you are aware of this so you don’t sign the contract provided by Charter first which will not contain these important provisions.  

Thanks to all who contacted their legislators and provided testimony at the EUT Committee hearings. Your support made the difference!

In addition, LD 832 (also attached) was passed by the House today, this bill requires that cable television system operators offer subscribers the option of purchasing access to cable channels or programs on cable channels individually, you can follow its progress here:  

Gratitude to Tony Vigue

This man, Tony Vigue, former President of CTAM, is the driving force behind the pursuit to save Community Television and PEG Access in Maine. Thank you for all you are doing on behalf of Municipalities, Subscribers and Stations.

Seeking TV Talk Show Hosts

Would you like to become a TV Talk Show host in Maine?

We are seeking hosts for three new programs being developed in Central Maine.

Show topics range from interviewing elected officials, non-profit leaders and entrepreneurs.

If you would like to be considered as one of our hosts, please do the following:

Email us at with the Subject line: TV Talk Show Host Application

Include in the body of the email:

  • a paragraph explaining why you would like to be a talk show host
  • detail any experience you have with PEG Media and/or entertainment and/or other relevant details about your skills and history that will make you an ideal talk show host.
  • a link to a video clip featuring you

NOTE: PLEASE: Do Not attach video clip – – rather, please post it on Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook and email us the link only.

The video clip should be you speaking directly to the camera with the opening script:

“Hi, I am ________________(say your name). 

I reside in __________________ (say your town) 

and (use your own words...anything from farming to business to politics to the environment, to health and wellness, to your community, etc. to fill in the next two sections): 

I am passionate about ______________________________ because ________________________________________________________________.

Experience is not necessary, yet if you have experience please email us links to footage of your work on-camera.

Central Maine Media Alliance (CMMA)

Plan to Attend Public Hearing in Augusta!

This morning community access stations, municipal leaders and supporters of PEG Media received this important call to action from CTAM’s past president, Tony Vigue:

Good morning friends,

Our legislation LD1371, “An Act To Ensure Nondiscriminatory Treatment of Public, Educational and Governmental Access Channels by Cable System Operators” is scheduled to be heard at the Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee, Room 211 in the Cross building next to the Capitol in Augusta on April 10. There is one other bill regarding net neutrality to be heard before ours beginning at 8am

If you plan to attend and present testimony that day, remember you have to bring 20 copies of your testimony for the clerk, Abben Maguire. See her note below and the morning schedule attached. You will need to arrive early to sign in if you plan to speak. 

I can’t emphasize enough how important this meeting is. If the Committee decides “ought not to pass”, that will essentially end the work we have done for the last 18 months and allow the cable operators in Maine to continue on their present path of discriminatory treatment of Community Television stations here in Maine.  

Every voice counts, municipal officials, PEG station managers, the non-profits that we serve in our communities, and the general public all have a stake in the outcome of this bill. Please plan to attend and testify or submit testimony as to the importance of or PEG channels in your community. 

Email testimony referencing LD1371 may be sent to the Committee Clerk Abben Maguire at:

A note to your legislator at this time would also be appropriate. Feel free to include the attached information and these links to the story in the press. 

I am attaching a copy of our bill, a tri-fold brochure explaining the bill and also a press release.

opens in links:


LD1371 - nondiscrimination bill


CTAM PR 3-21-19

PH20190410 0800 AM

Please distribute to those in your organization who may have an interest to testify.

Thank you,

Tony Vigue for CTAM

516 Congress Street

Portland, ME 04101

CMMA Regionalization Conversations

Central Maine Media Alliance (CMMA) is working with municipalities and stations in Central Maine to create a high performance media presence in our region. 

The majority of the municipalities in Central Maine often choose to simply not have a PEG access station to serve their towns because of both fiscal and human resources obstacles. Of the municipalities who do operate stations in our region, each struggle within the constraints of an ever-tightening budget, resulting in station managers taking on overwhelming amounts of duties just to keep their stations afloat. Short on staff, volunteers and funding resources, programming quantity and quality can suffer.  

By pooling resources and using industry best-practices, CMMA’s regionalization strategy solves these concerns, strengthening existing media presence in municipalities, as well as makes possible for towns currently without PEG stations to collaborate with ones who do.  To that end, CMMA is developing vibrant community media hubs within the communities it partners with, beginning with our founding station, Mt Blue TV in Farmington, who has expanded its service area to now include 5 municipalities, operating on both Bee Line and Spectrum cable channels. 

Should you be curious about the benefits CMMA has to offer your municipality or station, would like us to present at your council, selectmen or board meetings, and/or would like to join our Zoom conversations about regionalization, contact CMMA Director of Development, “Twinkle” Marie Manning at 

CTAM and CMMA at KVCOG February 4th!

The Community Television Association of Maine (CTAM) is presenting a workshop at Kennebec Valley Council of Governments (KVCOG), 17 Main St, Fairfield, Maine 04937, on February 4th, 2019. The featured speakers will discuss a Legislative initiative to regulate Big Cable as well as inform about the recent FCC Rulings that will reduce Municipal revenue, and potentially begin costing towns millions of dollars. Attendees will be guided through The Cable Franchise Renewal Process and will discover how having a Central Maine Media Alliance (CMMA) Media Hub in their municipality can enhance community outreach, promote municipal identity, and be pivotal to economic development. The expert panel is comprised Tony Vigue, former president of CTAM; Michael Edgecomb, Cable Franchise and Broadband Consultant; Randy Visser, Sales/Engineer Tightrope Media Systems; “Twinkle” Marie Manning, Director of Development of the Central Maine Media Alliance (CMMA/SVTV);  and JP Fortier, Executive Director of CMMA & Mt Blue TV Station Manager. (pictured right to left) For more information: 

What’s the Good News?

Regardless of what happens at the FCC and state level, proactive Towns with healthy municipal leadership can work with our PEG Media experts to develop a business plan that will not only enable the existence of viable PEG channels for your residents to access, but also create enormous economic development enhancements and sustainable community outreach and engagement methods.

CMMA will be hosting a number of public forums and community meetings throughout Central Maine beginning in 2019 regarding this.

In the meantime, we encourage everyone to offer support to Senator Woodsome regarding the upcoming non-discrimination Maine State Bill that will protect residents and municipalities from cable company’s unethical practices.