Alert: Why Maine Municipalities need to protect PEG Stations and their own Rights of Ways!

This video reveals details about Spectrum tactics that are negatively impacting not only cable subscribers but also manipulating Municipalities out of billions of dollars:


Out In Left Field – Tony Vigue – Corporate Cable Coup from SPC-TV on Vimeo.


How can you help?  There are several ways residents can get involved!  First, visit your local access station to learn more about how they serve the community.  Second, reach out to your Senator & House Rep.  ask if they know about the PEG Non-Discrimination Bill.  If they do not, please tell them what you know and that they can get more information from the bill Sponsor, Senator David Woodsome at  Or, if they want to speak with someone from the Community Television Association of Maine, and one of the original drafters of this bill, they can contact Tony Vigue at