Who We Are

Central Maine Media Alliance (CMMA) is a growing collaborative of affiliate stations and member municipalities serving the Central Maine Region.

Our Mission

The mission of CMMA is to connect people in the Central Maine Region with broadcast-quality non-commercial Community TV and innovative PEG Media that is created and managed locally, dedicated to the free and creative exchange of ideas and culture, and reflective of the diversity of our towns. We do this by teaching the art of TV production and multi-media platforms and by giving voice to stories that are vital to our community.

Our Vision

Our vision is for CMMA to be a place for the community to come together to connect, collaborate and create media. It will be a center for content creators, providing access to media technologies to tell stories, share ideas, and create television shows, independent films, and documentaries.

Why We Do What We Do

CMMA exists to support municipalities who wish to utilize community media to enhance economic development; to provide a powerful platform for towns, businesses, organizations and residents to share and exchange information that informs and educates; and to empower people to make media that matters.

CMMA is a proud member of CTAM.